Free Online Guitar Tuner

You can quickly and accurately tune the guitar using a microphone on your device. Just click "Enable"!

Notes for 6 stringed guitar

How the Online Tuner works

The principle of the guitar tuner is very simple: it receives a sound signal coming from the microphone, and analyzes its frequency in hertz. In response, it shows a note along with an octave.

Each string should generate a certain frequency sound, the tuner determines the note closest to this frequency and shows the current deviation with the arrow. All this happens in real time. Due to this you can twist the peg of the desired string, looking at the screen, and thus make adjustments.

How to Tune a Guitar

Enable the tuner and allow access to the microphone if such a request appears. Play the sound on each string, at the same time, look at the tuner - it will show a note on which each string sounds.

Try to play closer to the microphone on your device, so that the tuner can "hear" the sound of the guitar well. If your device does not have a microphone, you can tune the guitar with a web camera, since it also has a microphone installed, or by ear, listening to the sound of strings in the list above.

If the arrow on the tuner deviates from the green area, slightly tighten or loosen the string. Your goal is to make each string produce a reference sound in accordance with the list of notes above. For each string, the arrow on the tuner should be in the green zone of the corresponding note.

If your guitar is completely upset, so that the strings do not sound on their correct notes, then it will be useful for you to know the order of the notes in increasing frequency:

C → C# → D → D# → E → F → F# → G → G# → A → A# → B → C → C# → ...

Other tunings

Drop D Guitar Tuning

Guitarists for "heavy" sounding sometimes tune the guitar to Drop D. This system differs from the classical one in that the sixth string is tuned one tone below: D instead of E.

Drop C Guitar Tuning

If you need an even heavier sound, lower all the strings by 1 tone with respect to Drop D, you will get Drop C.

Ukulele Tuning

Uhkulele has 4 strings. You need to adjust each string according to the notes: